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    Al-Quran B

    • Ikhlas means Purity of faith.
    • Falak means Dawn.
    • Un-Nass means Mankind.
    • Al-alq means Clot of blood.
    • Alm Nashrah means Expansion.
    • Uz-zukhruf means Ornaments.
    • Surah Rahman is in 27th Para.
    • Bride of Quran is Rahman Surah.
    • Surah Yasin is in 22nd and 23rd Para.
    • Present shape of quran is Taufeeqi.
    • Quran is the greatest miracle of Prophet.
    • Word surah has occurred in Quran 9 times.
    • First seven aayats of quran are called Tawwal.
    • The alphabet Alf comes most of times and Alf, Zuwad Alphabet comes least number of times.
    • Quran is written in Prose & Poetry.
    • Quran is also regarded as a manual of Science.
    • Surah Alq is both Makki and Madni.
    • Name of Muhammad is mentioned in Quran for 4 times.
    • Adam is mentioned in Surah Aaraf.
    • first Sindhi translation of Quran by Aakhund Azizullah Halai
    • Torat means light.
    • Zaboor means Pieces/ Book written in big letters.
    • Injeel means Good news.
    • 99 number of aayats describe Khatam-e- Nabuwat.
    • Command against Juva & amputation of hands came 8th A.H
    • Laws about orphanage revealed in 3 A.H.
    • Laws about Zina revealed in 5 A.H.
    • Laws about inheritance revealed in 3 A.H.
    • In 4th A.H wine was prohibited.
    • The order of Hijab for women reveled in 4th A.H.
    • Ablution made obligatory in 5th A.H.
    • In Surah Al-Nisa the commandment of Wuzu is present.
    • Procedure of ablution is present in Surah Maidah.
    • In 4 A.H Tayammum was granted.
    • Interest was prohibited in 8th A.H.
    • The order of Hijiab reveled in 8th Hijrah. (chk)
    • During ghazwa Banu Mustaliq the command of tayamum was reveled.
    • Quran recited in Medina firstly in the mosque Nabuzdeeq.
    • Quran verse abrogating a previous order is called Naasikh.
    • First man to recite Quran in Makkah: Abdullah bin Masood.
    • Forms of revelation granted to Prophet were 3 (wahi,Kashf,dream)
    • First method of revelation of Quran Wahi.
    • Kashf means Vision.
    • Initially Quran was preserved in memory form.
    • After Umar’s death, copy of quran was passed on to Hafsa.
    • Only Sahabi mentioned in Quran Zaid bin Haris.(surah ahzab)
    • Paradise is mentioned in Quran for150 times.
    • Section of Paradise in which Prophets will dwell Mahmood.
    • Doors of Hell are 7.
    • Subterranean part of hell is Hawia.
    • Number of angles of hell 19.
    • Gate-keeper of hell Malik.
    • Gate-keeper of heaven Rizwan.
    • Place of heaven at which people whose good deeds equal bad deeds will be kept in Aaraf.
    • A tree in hell emerging from its base is Zakoon.
    • Name of the mountain of hell is Saud.
    • Heaven on earth was built by Shadad.
    • The word Islam has been used at 92 places in the holy quran.
    • First revelation written by Khalid bin Saeed
    • Last wahi written by Abi Ibn Kaaf.
    • Last wahi came on3rd Rabiul Awal 11 A.D
    • In 15th Para the event of Miraj is mentioned.
    • Except the name of Maryam the name of no other woman has come explicitly in the Quran.
    • Iblees will not be punished with fire but with cold.
    • Iblees’s refusal to prostrate before man is mentioned in Kuran for 9 times.
    • Iblees means “disappointed one”.
    • Al-Kausar relates to death of Qasim and Hazrat Abdullah
    • Jibrail came 24 000 times into the court of the Prophet.
    • Quran has been translated into fifty languages to date.
    • If a woman marries the second time, she will be in Jannah with the second husband. (Hadith)
    • The Earth and the Heaven were created by Allah in 6 days, it is described in Surah Yunus.
    • Zaid bin Thabit collected the Quran in the form of Book.
    • Tarjumanul Quran Abdullah bin Abbas.
    • In Surah Muzzamil verse 73 reading quran slowly and clearly is ordained.
    • 4 Mosque mentioned in Holy Quran.
    • Jibraeel is referred in Quran as Ar-rooh.
    • In Quran Rooh-al-Qudus is Jibrael it means holy spirit.
    • In Quran Rooh-al-Ameen is Jibrael.
    • Incharge of Provisions is Mekaeel.
    • The angel who was sent to Prophets as a helper against enemies of Allah was Jibraeel.
    • The Angel who sometimes carried Allah’s punishment for His disobedients was Jibraeel.
    • Jibrael is mentioned in Quran for three times.
    • Old Testament is the Torait.
    • New Testament is Injeel.
    • Psalms is Zuboor.
    • Gospal is Injeel.
    • Prophet is called Farqaleet in Injeel.
    • Taharat-e-Sughra is Wuzu.
    • There are two types of Farz.
    • Saloos-ul-Quran is Surah Ikhlas.
    • Aroos-ul-Quran i.e bride of Quran is Al-Rehman.
    • Meaning of Baqarah: The Goat
    • In Surah Waqiya the word Al-Quran ul Hakeem is used.
    • First Wahi was revealed on 17 Ramzan.
    • Two Surahs are named with one letter heading.
    • Surah Baqara & Ale Imran are known as Zuhraveen.
    • Wine is termed in Quran as Khumar.
    • The first authority for the compilation of Ahadis is .
    • Sahih Bukhari contains 7397 ahadis.


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