• Sunday, 13 March 2011


    • Istalam is kissing of Hajr Aswad.
    • Islam has 2 major sects.
    • There are 5 fundaments of Islam.
    • 2 types of faith.
    • 5 Articles of faith.
    • Tehlil means the recitation of Kalima.
    • Deen-e-Hanif is an old name of Islam.
    • First institution of Islam is Suffah.
    • Haq Mahar in Islam is fixed only 400 misqal.
    • Ijma means ageing upon any subject.
    • Qayas means reasoning by analogy.
    • There are four schools of thought of Islamic Law.
    • Janatul Baki is situated in Madina.
    • Masjid-e-Hanif is located in Mina.
    • JANAT UL MOALA is a graveyard in MECCA.
    • Qazaf: false accusation of adultery punishable with 80 lashes.
    • Lyla-tul-Barrah means the Night of Forgiveness.
    • Karam-un-Katibin means Illustrious writers.
    • Oldest mosque on earth is Kaabatullah.
    • 1st Kalima=Tayyab, 2nd =Shahadat, 3rd =Tamjeed, 4th =Tauheed, 5th =Astaghfar, 6th =Rad-e
    • Qiblah means anything in front.
    • Saabi is one who changes his religion.
    • Sidrat-ul-Mantaha means last tree of the Eternity.
    • Jaabi is one who collects Zakat.
    • First collection of Ahadith is Sahifah-e-Saadiqa.
    • Saying of Prophet are called Wahi Ghair Matlloo.
    • In iman-e-Mufassal essential beliefs are 7 in number.
    • The most exalted angels are four.
    • Greatest angel as per Islam is Jibra’eel.
    • Each human being is attended permanently by two angels.
    • Barzakh: time period between death and Day of Judgment.
    • Another name of surah Ali-Isra is bani Israel.